Annual Deadline: April 1st

The Conserver Society of Hamilton and District Inc. (the “Conserver Society”) was established in 1983 by individuals wanting to improve the quality of life of our community. The Conserver Society’s activities include education and outreach on:

  • conserving energy and other resources;
  • sustainability and biological diversity;
  • reduction of toxic chemicals in air, land, and water;
  • participation in neighbourhood decision making; and
  • aid for others in achieving goals sympathetic with those of the Conserver Society.

The Betty Blashill Award was established in memory of a passionate Hamilton advocate for a better environment. It is presented annually to a volunteer who exemplifies Betty’s approach and commitment. Betty preferred to act quietly and steadily, far from the limelight and never seeking recognition. Her unpretentious nature put her in the background of most heated discussions, but behind the scenes, Betty conscientiously developed and amplified the messages of the environmental community. She did much of the hard work that more vocal folks rely on but often tend to avoid. While the outspoken thrive on the direct contact and associated attention and occasional successes, Betty worked quietly to keep organisations organised and communications communicated. She filled the roles such as of treasurer, membership coordinator, webmaster and more. There are many people like her who form the backbone of the Hamilton environmental movement. They may not be known to the media, but the people they work beside and behind know that their contributions are critical. This award is intended for them.

The annual nomination deadline is April 1. All that is required is a letter or letters describing the nominee and the reasons why she or he should be considered for the award. Letters should be sent to the attention of the Conserver Society.

To view more information on the Betty Blashill Award and download the Nomination Package, click here.

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