Partnerships with Green Venture:

Davis Creek Neighbourhood Program

Dedicated to the enhancement of our own local neighbourhood, Green Venture is working with the Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton to encourage the beautification of the Davis Creek area. In conjunction with the Community Planning Team, Green Venture organizes local clean-ups of sidewalks and public spaces, special events and community engagement activities using EcoHouse as a meeting place for the neighbourhood. 2015 projects include the installation of community welcome signs and the organization of community discovery walks.

Green Venture Summer Students adding the finishing touches to the Veevers Park Mural

Green Venture students adding finishing touches to Veevers Park Mural

Fresh Air for Kids

Fresh Air for Kids delivers innovative programming to school-aged children in Hamilton. It incorporates localized neighbourhood air monitoring into healthy school trip planning with a focus on affecting behaviour change. “Fresh Air for Kids” conducts air pollution measurements and outreach at elementary schools in Hamilton, Ontario, with the objective to reduce children’s air pollution exposures while commuting to school and otherwise, as well as encouraging active modes of transportation by raising awareness of the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), educating school children about air quality issues and developing better commuting routes to school. The school community and students have responded enthusiastically and in fact the program is an opportunity for student empowerment and education, as well as an opportunity to explore potential future environmental career possibilities.

Dennis Corr using the Dust Trak Particulate Matter (PM) device at Lake Ave School

Dennis Corr at Lake Ave School

GALA Neighbourhood Alleyway Revitalization Project

Alleyways are a defining feature of older urban neighbourhoods. These networks of passageways and open spaces offer easy access to homes and businesses with minimal car interference. Rather than developing alleys for the benefit of the community, they have become forgotten, underused and abused public spaces. Green Venture is working with the GALA community to beautify community alleyway space. These projects not only renew the space, but are proven to improve our community’s water quality, build neighbourhoods, increase bicycle and pedestrian connections, and increase natural habitats for birds and butterflies. Green Venture is working to transform these spaces to include native species gardens, solar lighting, local art, natural playgrounds and games, and so much more.

GALA Neighbourhood Alleyways (marked in Red)

GALA Neighbourhood Alleyways (marked in Red)


Riverdale Neighbourhood Food Security Program

Green Venture is working closely with the Riverdale Community Planning Team to develop a community garden on Lake Avenue for the residents of the Riverdale community.  The garden — the Riverdale Salad Bowl – is designed to bring the community together through gardening.  All gardeners, beginner to experienced, are invited to get involved with the garden to learn, contribute knowledge, and share in the harvest!

Future Riverdale Community Garden

Future Riverdale Community Garden

Environmentalist of the Year Awards Dinner


Urquhart Butterfly Garden Public Education Project (partnership)


Dundas Turtle Watch Project (partnership)

Dundas Turtle Watch provides a great opportunity for volunteers to protect turtles in the Dundas community. The survival of turtles as a species, depends on the intervention of volunteers to minimize the threats to local populations within and outside their natural habitats. The local populations are threatened in instances where females are killed by vehicles when attempting to cross roadways in search of nesting sites or when nests laden with eggs are vacated by females and left vulnerable to the destruction of other animals, including other turtles.  In these cases, turtles require the support of the community volunteers to help them in their attempt to overcome, against all odds, the obstacles that confront them at every stage of development. Dundas Turtle Watch is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to improving conditions within and outside their natural habitat, allowing for greater protection and survival of turtles. For information on how volunteers are helping to protect one of our most vulnerable species in locations adjacent to Spencer Creek in Dundas and to see how you can get involved, please click here to access the Dundas Turtle Watch website.

2015June16 001 (3)

Painted Turtle spotted on the banks of Spencer Creek in Dundas


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