Since 1979, the annual Environmentalist of the Year Awards Dinner has honoured individuals and groups who have made a significant contribution to the protection and/or enhancement of the environment in the City of Hamilton. The event was initiated by CHOP—the predecessor of the Conserver Society of Hamilton & District. In 1982, a committee of community organisations was convened to expand and continue the Award program.

The Awards are sponsored by:

  • Conserver Society of Hamilton & District
  • Hamilton Naturalists’ Club
  • Hamilton Conservation Authority
  • Environment Hamilton
  • Bay Area Restoration Council
  • United Nations Association—Hamilton Branch
  • Friends of Red Hill Valley
  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club

The awards include the Dr. Victor Cecilioni Award for Environmentalist of the Year, established by the Conserver Society, as well as Lifetime Achievement Awards and Awards of Merit. In addition, Youth Recognition Awards for Environmental Leadership are presented by the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

Nominees must have made their contribution in the City of Hamilton, or have had a significant connection to the City. Both group and individual nominees are eligible.

You can find more information about the Environmentalist of the Year Awards Dinner on the website

Dr. Victor Cecilioni
Environmentalist of the Year
Award Winners 1979 – 2005

1979 Dr. Victor Cecilioni
1980 Gary Birch
1981 Save the Valley Committee
1982 Alan Stacey
1983 Edgar Smee
1984 Gil Simmons
1985 Ray Lowes
1986 Dr. Ross Hall
1987 The Upper Ottawa Street Residents’ Association
1988 John Norris
Conservation Committee of the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club
1989 Dr. Jack Vallentyne
1990 Victoria Braden
William Randall
Hamilton Teachers’ Credit Union Green Committee
1991 Bruce Duncan
1992 Farrell Boyce
1993 Ben Vanderbrug
1994 Greensville Against Serious Pollution (GASP)
1995 Dr. George Sorger
1996 Ken Hall
1997 Don McLean
1998 Lynda Lukasik
Dr. Robert Korol—Lifetime Achievement
1999 Study and Action Group for the Environment (SAGE)
Geraldine Copps—Lifetime Achievement
2000 Brian McHattie
2001 Corey Lewis
2002 Scott McNie
Jim Macdonald—Lifetime Achievement
Anne Redish—Lifetime Achievement
2003 Betty Blashill
Kevin Hamilton
Joanna Chapman—Lifetime Achievement
Robert Elstone—Lifetime Achievement
2004 Brian McCarry
Ian Reid—Lifetime Achievement
2005 Dr. Mark Sproule-Jones
Alison Healing—Lifetime Achievement
John D. Hall—Lifetime Achievement
2006 Murray Charlton
Roman Caruk—Lifetime Achievement
Bruce Trail Association—Lifetime Achievement
2007 Barbara Mckean
Jim Quinn—Lifetime Achievement
Warren Beacham and Alan Ernest—Award of Merit
HCPI (Hamilton Coalition on Pesticide Issues)—Award of Merit
2008 Dr. Peter Rice
Julia Kollek-Award of Merit
Peter Ormond-Award of Merit
Dean Carriere-Award of Merit
2009 Dr. David Galbraith
YAC of Hamilton Community Foundation-Award of Merit
Friends of the Eramosa Karst-Award of Merit
Laurel Harrison-Award of Merit
2010 Green Venture
Glenn Marshall-Award of Merit
Hamilton Catholic Board’s SEER Committee-Award of Merit
Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club Trail Team-Award of Merit
Bill Kennedy-Award of Merit
2011 Joe Minor and Grant Ranalli
Josh Gordon-Award of Merit
Michael Nabert-Award of Merit
2012 Friends of Rural Communities and the Environment
Friends of the Eramosa Karst
Robert Edmondson
Elysia Petrone-Award of Merit
Horizon Utilities-Award of Merit
Windermere Basin Creation Project-Award of Merit
2013 Brian Reid
Tys Theysmeyer
Brian Montgomery-Award of Merit
Swamp Line 9-Award of Merit
Maria Brenyo, Deb Falcao, Lucy Hunt, Carm Passaro and Marina Simpson-Award of Merit
Warren Beacham-Award of Merit
2014 Bill and Judy Wilcox
Mary Ellen Scanlon
Stephanie McLarty-Award of Merit
2015 Kate Andrus
Wayne Terryberry
Chris Firth-Eagland-Lifetime AchievementCara Contardi- Award of Merit
St. Marguerite d’Youville Elementary School-Award of Merit
Beautiful Alleys Project-Award of Merit
Greg Lenko, Robert Perkins, Peter Thoem- Award of Merit
2016 Jen Baker
Graham and Emma Cubitt
Grant Linney-Lifetime Achievement
Stewards of Cootes Paradise-Award of Merit
Russell Ohrt-Award of Merit
Kathy Zadvorny-Award of Merit
2017 John Hannah
Marilyn Baxter-Lifetime Achievement


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